Cotton Wolf – Moxa

Some electro-jazz from a Welsh duo called Cotton Wolf. Personally, I think it’s nice and relaxing.


The Vaccines – Dream Lover

I’ve not been a big fan of The Vaccines, but even I can’t help but admire their new track “Dream Lover”. I heard a DJ pose the question “Why have The Vaccines been hiding this musical talent from us for so long?”. Hard to argue with that sentiment!


Drenge – Never Awake

This is rather good, if you like a satisfying, grungy kind of rock. Drenge are two brothers from England, and their first album was described as unrelentingly-grim punk-rock. By contrast, the follow-up “Undertow” seems to be doing rather well.

For fans of: The Ramones, Royal Blood.


Torres – Sprinter

Torres is the psuedonym of singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott, and this is the title-track from her new album. Apparently she was a psuedo religious country singer operating out of Nashville who then packed it in, and moved to New York. You can still hear a lot of religious and country influences on her music, but there’s now an angry rock element packed in there.

For fans of: PJ Harvey


Idlewild – Every Little Means Trust

I’m not exactly blown-away by the first single from Idlewild’s forthcoming album, but I do love Idlewild in general, so here it is. It’s very down-tempo, and doesn’t feature any of the high-octane guitar riffs that defined their best work.

I had the privilege of being at their (now evidently not) final ever gig at The Academy in Dublin about 5 years ago, and they were nothing short of magnificent. It still ranks up there as being one of my all-time favourites. Hopefully, if they’re embarking upon another tour, we might get to see a little bit of that magic again.


Diamond Youth – Thought I Had It Right

I like a band that are capable of a somewhat whimsical sound from time to time, and Diamond Youth seem to fit that bill very neatly. They’re straight out of Baltimore, and while I have no association with Baltimore whatsoever, it does have a suburb called Dundalk. That means it must be good, right?

For fans of: Rival Schools, Jimmy Eat World.


Anodyne – Vulture’s Picnic

Er, I guess this is a shout-out to fellow CreamySonic stable-mates Anodyne. They ain’t bad. Although it does sound like they’ve been listening to a lot of Incubus.

For fans of: Incubus, modern rock.

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March Contention 2015

The March playlist. I probably like “Sisters” by Radical Face most of all this month.


The Smashing Pumpkins – Tiberius

I can’t help thinking that The Smashing Pumpkins have gone for a somewhat mellower sound on this one, a little more akin to the sound of Zwan (which, personally, I liked).

For fans of: The Smashing Pumpkins, old bands that will never die.


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