Jacuzzi Boys – Sun


Probably just the right mix of whimsical surf-rock and face-melting guitars. Jacuzzi Boys really get the tempo right on this one. It might be a classic.


For fans of: Terrorvision, Squarehead

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Youth Lagoon – The Knower


I’m not sure where to place this one on the musical spectrum. Part slow-burner, part Northern England brass orchestra, part disco dance-floor hit. Youth Lagoon is the pseudonym of Idaho’s Trevor Powers, which sounds like the everyday name of a comic book superhero, although he flew to Bristol to record this track. Is there a touch of the Bristol sound in there?

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Racing Glaciers – Seems Like A Good Time

Some shoegaze coming at you this Friday morning. This is the new single from Racing Glaciers, hailing from Macclesfield in the UK. It’s rather good.

For fans of: Creepoid

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Donovan Wolfington – Solo Cup

Donovan Wolfington sound like exactly the kind of dumb-ass frat-rock band that I happen to like. Fully of mumbly vocals and power chords, this bounces along very nicely indeed.

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Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin’

Some classic Americana here from Kurt Vale. There’s something about this sound that evokes strange feelings about Lynyrd Skynyrd and that kind of thing.

For fans of: Jeff The Brotherhood.

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Dilly Dally – Purple Rage

This is pretty raw-sounding, but you really can’t fault a title like “Purple Rage”.

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Heimatt – Oh My God!

There’s something I just like about this effort from Copenhagen’s Heimatt. It’s a little folksy, but it’s got a good guitar melody and some strings backing it up. It’s not hard to imagine them playing with other Copenhagen outfits like Choir of Young Believers.

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Kathryn Calder – New Millenium

It seems like ages since I encountered anything decent enough to post. Here’s some fuzzy indie rock from Kathryn Calder, member of Canadian group The New Pornographers. Her solo work sounds a lot better to me.

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No Joy – Hollywood Teeth

This is a shoegaze hit gone mad. Just when you think the song is adapting into a pattern, it throws you off the scent with a change in direction. It makes my brain feel funny.


MOURN – Gertrudis, Get Through This!

Some raw girl-punk from Barcelona’s MOURN. It’s certainly lacking any kind of polish, but who needs polish when you’ve got that kind of energy?

For fans of: Warpaint.

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