The Smashing Pumpkins – Tiberius

I can’t help thinking that The Smashing Pumpkins have gone for a somewhat mellower sound on this one, a little more akin to the sound of Zwan (which, personally, I liked).

For fans of: The Smashing Pumpkins, old bands that will never die.


Broncho – Taj Mahal

Properly grungy melodramatic guitar work on this one.

For fans of: Hole, God Damn, grunge

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Record Start – Rock From Afar

Warning! Injudicious use of glockenspiel in this track. Listener discretion is advised.

For fans of: Nada Surf, Fountains of Wayne

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ITCHY POOPZKID – Dancing In The Sun

Hrm. What to say about ITCHY POOPZKID. They’re German, that much at least is self-evident. They sing in that kind of kitsch, precise English that gives their lyrics a very banal quality. And yet at the same time, they’re still quite good. That said, they’re no Noir Desir.

For fans of: Weezer, surf-rock.

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Leaf Erikson – Flying High

Some gentle indie music from the man who might have discovered America almost 500 years before Columbus, but instead didn’t, and dedicated his life to making music that would go on to be discovered in the 21st century. Or did he just take his name from that Interpol song?

For fans of: Elbow, indie

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Peace – Happy People

Not much to say about Peace. They’ve a new record out soon. It might be nice.

For fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, indie.

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Let’s Buy Happiness – Crooks

Something a little more down-tempo from Let’s Buy Happiness.

For fans of: 2:54, dreamy rock

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Violent Soho – Covered In Chrome

Some lovely, angry rock for a Thursday afternoon.

For fans of: Terrorvision, Cage the Elephant.

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Therapy? – Still Hurts

From ‘Disquiet’, their 14th (yes, fourteenth) studio album. Rumour has it that they’ve returned to a somewhat more-accessible pop-rock sound, that may sit well with fans of both “Troublegum” and “Semi-Detached”. I can’t help thinking that parts of ‘Still Hurts’ sound a little like Biffy Clyro’s ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies’. Surely they couldn’t both have been produced by GGGGarth?

For fans of: Therapy?, Biffy Clyro, hard rock.

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The Selector does International Womens’ Day

Today, @SelectorRadio did an all-female special for International Womens’ Day. It’s probably one of the episodes that I’ve enjoyed most in the history of the show. It’s great, and you should give it a listen. Here’s some YouTube links to the picks of the bunch.

Wolf Alice – Giant Peach

Du Blonde’s “Black Flag” is next up on the list of moody female-fronted hits.

Nadine Shah – Fool

Definitely taking it down a notch with Marika Hackman’s “Before I Sleep”. This reminds me a bit of ‘White Chalk’-era PJ Harvey. Really super.


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