Great Grandpa – Faithful


If there’s a worth successor to the now-defunct (but still very excellent) Rival Boys, then it seems to be Great Grandpa. The track “Faithful” is a low-tempo introspective effort that takes a while to build. The rest of the album is a little more up-tempo and wild, but well worth a listen, or perhaps even a purchase.

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Dama Scout – Paperboy


They haven’t yet released their debut EP, but Dama Scout are already making waves with their advance offerings. They’re generally noisy, disorganised, and prone to random changes in key, tempo, and direction. “Paperboy”, however, has a somewhat more coherent theme, and is the pick of the bunch. There’s more to come from this band, I’d wager.

Marmulade’s Best of 2016

So, I took a few months off posting in order to focus on other things (namely, work). That didn’t stop me collecting a few of the best tunes of the year, though.

Sadly, YouTube is no longer functioning as a reliable source of music videos, with a selection of the artists involved in this year’s playlist demanding their videos removed. This is making it challenging to produce a shareable collection of everything. Since I’m not a Spotify user, that’s not much use either.

Moaning about technology aside, this has been a fairly good year for music. I found that my playlist had an almost equal number of male & female vocalists this year, and to celebrate this occurrence, each side of the playlist is devoted to one of these two criteria. Without further adieu, I present to you the best of 2016.

Side A (Male):

  1. Radiohead – Spectre

Side B (Female):




Edit: After some wrangling, I found Playmoss, which seems to fill exactly the niche I wanted — creating playlists from a variety of different sources. The links above should provide you with a complete collection of all the music.


SUM41 – Fake My Own Death


From the “If it ain’t broke” school of musical resurrections, everyone’s favourite young whippersnapper Canadians return looking quite considerably older and a bit worse-for-wear. Frankly, the track itself is a little stale-sounding, and contains a chorus that seems quite unbelievably similar to one of their hits of yesteryear, Thanks For Nothing. The whole thing smells a bit like your recycling bin.

That said, I’m sure this plays well to Sum41 fans, and certainly lands them right back in familiar territory. The video is almost amusing in parts too, so they’ve got that going for them. Maybe the new album contains hidden gems? We’ll find out, whenever that lands upon us, like a Kardashian-arse falling from the skies above.

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Big Deal – Avalanche


Before this, Big Deal have largely left me with the impression that they are indie-pop lightweights, albeit with a penchant for a very catchy chorus line. I’m having to revisit that impression in the aftermath of the release of Avalanche. This track certainly has a meatier flavour to it. They haven’t quite turned it up to 11, but it isn’t far off. Best listened to at high volume, anyway.


For fans of: Best Coast, Sleeper.


Paul Draper – Feeling My Heart Run Slow


After what seems like an eternity filled with hype, but little noticeable progress, Paul Draper’s debut solo EP One is set to hit the shelves (haha, record shelves aren’t a thing anymore) on June 10th 2016. To tease us just a little bit more, he’s released the lead track, Feeling My Heart Run Slow, today. The EP itself is set to contain two further original tracks, No Ideas and The Silence Is Deafening, and a remix of Feeling My Heart Run Slow by Andy McFarlane of The Twilight Sad. All of this with a view to producing a debut solo LP, of course. Nobody knows when that is set to land, yet.

For fans of: Mansun.

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Jay Som – Our Red Door


Bit of a gem here from San Francisco’s Melina Duterte, aka Jay Som. This definitely fits in with the shoegazy-rock revival that seemed to take place last year, although it is significantly more down-tempo than the likes of Title Fight. The album is out now on Hardly Art records, and looks like an inevitable addition to Google Play Music’s “Wallowing in Self-Pity” playlist.

For fans of: Warpaint, Title Fight.

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Frightened Rabbit – Lump Street


The new single from Frightened Rabbit. Apparently they’re onto album number five already. Can that really be true? Anyway, the track itself if a bit of a two-parter, starting with a moody melody, and similarly moody vocals, before moving to a finish that is a little more anthemic. Personally, I prefer the first half, but you can make up your own mind. I’ll allow it.

Vök – Waterfall


Some lovely synthy sounds from Iceland’s Vök. This is smooth, smooth, smooth. More than a hint of Metric about the vocals, and yet something quite distinctly Icelandic about them too. Thanks mostly to KEXP’s Music That Matters special on Iceland for this one.


For fans of: Ova Looven, Daft Punk, electronica

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PVRIS – You And I


New single from the good people of PVRIS. This one is definitely a slow-burner, but has a very catch chorus. After a few listens, I’ve decided that I like it a lot. There’s something about it that reminds me vaguely of Version 2.0-era Garbage. If this is a sign of things to come, then it is very promising.


For fans of: Garbage.

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