February Contention 2015

February was certainly a month where I acquired more music, and with a bit more variety too. There’s a lot of female vocals in there. Keep an ear out for Rival Boys’ “Don’t Bloom”, which was probably my favourite track of the month.


January Contention 2015

A summary of some of the new music I discovered in January. It was a month of hard rocking, by the sounds of things.

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Black Lights – Trading Places

If this isn’t a smooth start to a Tuesday morning, then I don’t know what is? Manchester’s Black Lights demo their forthcoming single “Trading Places”. It’s so new, there isn’t even a YouTube channel with ad revenue or anything! Come on Black Arm Management – earn these young fellas some cold hard cash!

For fans of: HRVRD, progressive rock


Portico – 101

There’s something about this track that reminds me of alt-J’s “Hunger of the Pine”. Wait, I get it. It features alt-J’s Joe Newman on vocals. I guess it’s a bit like adding his vocals to Maximo Park’s “Brain Cells”. Either way, it’s pretty good.

For fans of: alt-J, modern-day Maximo Park, indie-electronica.

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Rival Boys – Fortune

Sometimes the best music is deceptively simple. This track is definitely in that mould, and is a bit of a grower. Some really lovely bass & drum interplay creates a great rhythm section that keeps the verses ticking along, and while the chorus isn’t anything to write home about, it still takes things up a notch.

For fans of: 2:54, indie rock

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Incubus – Absolution Calling

Incubus. They’re still a thing, apparently.


Mew – Satellites

The new single from one of my all-time favourite bands. Unfortunately, for me, this doesn’t really live up to the massive expectations that they have set in the past, but I’m still optimistic that the album will have a slightly rockier edge to it.


Tacocat – Bridge To Hawaii

Fun. There isn’t enough of it going around. Also, it’s reassuring to know that the city of Seattle is still producing great bands (and terrible weather – just like Ireland)! It looks like it must be fun living in Tacocat’s world.

For fans of: La Sera, The Breeders, fun.

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Jennie Vee – Die Alone

Some breathy shoegaze pop-rock from New York’s Jennie Vee. EP available on Bandcamp for a mere $4, although your € doesn’t get you many $$s these days. I’m sure that Jennie will soon be €-rich though. Hopefully she’s wisely investing the money in foreign-currency reserves!

For fans of: Blondie, shoegaze

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Colleen Green – TV

A bit of surf rock from Colleen Green. I don’t know much about her except that she seems to be part-musician, part-environmentalist. The main news on her website is that there’s a natural gas pipeline planned to go right through her parents’ house, and this does not make her happy. Not one bit!

For fans of: Weezer, Best Coast, surf rock.

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