alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine


This is really great. You need to listen to this right now.

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Cheetahs – Get Tight


These guys seem to be making a bit of a splash in the UK at the moment. The label ‘indie darlings’ can’t be far away.


Big Deal – Always Boys


This is rather good indeed. I have never heard of Big Deal before now, but this has definitely grabbed my interest. If you like Shoegaze Indie, then this is definitely for you.


PRVIS – St. Patrick


I can’t quite decide if I like this track or not. It isn’t exactly your typical Rise Records offering, but it is pretty catchy. I can see why they might have picked up these folks.


Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)


Proof positive that it is possible to make any song sound vaguely depressing, even Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.


The Virginmarys – Just A Ride


Some London gentlemen reflect upon unrequited love and delays on the Northern Line, in a somewhat odd collision of lyrical inspirations.

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Bobaflex – I’m Glad You’re Dead


The nice people over at Bobaflex provide a subtle reflection on your repose.

CSS – City Grrrl


Maybe we shouldn’t have completely stopped paying attention to Cansei de Ser Sexxy after all? It seems that this went under the radar a bit, but it’s rather good.


HRVRD – Memory Police


I just got an old HRVRD album entitled “The Inevitable And I”, and I’m pleased to say that the quality is just as good as “From The Bird’s Cage”, which was one of my favourite albums of last year. Well worth checking out, if you’re looking for some straight-up rock.


iamamiwhoami – Hunting For Pearls


Shall we have 2 iamamiwhoami videos today? Yes, we shall!

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