JAWS – Gold


A ridiculously good song from up-and-coming Birmingham band JAWS. Sounds like there’s some early 90’s Stone Roses influences going on in there.


Gerard Way – Action Cat


Pretty much what you’d expect from the former My Chemical Romance front-man. Their sound certainly gravitated towards accessible, radio-friendly pop-punk as time went by. The trend has continued here, apparently.

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Bonobo – Recurring


I’m just in the process of discovering the music of Bonobo (it seems that I’m a little behind the times in that respect). They’re very much part of the chillout genre, rather than rock & roll. Good stuff for a bit of casual programming / troubleshooting, though.


Honeyblood – No Spare Key


Here’s some moody girl-indie for you to kick off the month of August. Sounds a bit reminiscent of Warpaint.


alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine


This is really great. You need to listen to this right now.

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Cheetahs – Get Tight


These guys seem to be making a bit of a splash in the UK at the moment. The label ‘indie darlings’ can’t be far away.


Big Deal – Always Boys


This is rather good indeed. I have never heard of Big Deal before now, but this has definitely grabbed my interest. If you like Shoegaze Indie, then this is definitely for you.


PRVIS – St. Patrick


I can’t quite decide if I like this track or not. It isn’t exactly your typical Rise Records offering, but it is pretty catchy. I can see why they might have picked up these folks.


Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)


Proof positive that it is possible to make any song sound vaguely depressing, even Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.


The Virginmarys – Just A Ride


Some London gentlemen reflect upon unrequited love and delays on the Northern Line, in a somewhat odd collision of lyrical inspirations.

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