Laura Doggett – Phoenix


I know it isn’t fair to label everybody from England’s West Country (except PJ Harvey) as being part of the Bristol Sound, but there’s more than a whiff of it off this track from Laura Doggett.

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PVRIS – My House


New single from the up-and-coming PVRIS. Their album isn’t out until November, so I reckon you can expect to hear more about these folks over the coming months. They seem to be mixing up rock and a nu-rave sound in a similar vein to The Klaxons.


They’ve also done a stripped-back version of their previous single “St. Patrick”, which I think sounds really great. Very much in the same territory as The XX.


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Beverley – Honey Do


Straight-up grungy pop from this Brooklyn-based duo. One is another former member of Vivian Girls (you may remember that another is now trading under ‘La Sera’). It seems that they got a lot better when they went their separate ways. Odd!

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Jorge Elbrose – Called To Ring


I seem to be late to the party with this one.

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2:54 – You’re Early


I know nothing about 2:54, but the lead singer bears a striking resemblance to Garbage’s Shirley Manson. Their sound is not altogether different, either.


Customs – She Is My Mechanic


Customs appear committed to their kitsch retro-revival groove right now. For me, it doesn’t hit the wonderful highs of the single ‘Harlequins’, or the album ‘Enter The Characters’. Both of those are well worth tracking down. I’m not especially looking-forward to their new album, however.


La Sera – Losing To The Dark


Subtle hint of 90’s indie girl rock, ala Sleeper, Echobelly, etc. La Sera (aka Katy Goodman) seems to be churning out the hits right now.

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These Ghosts – The Great Unknown


Really liking the sound of These Ghosts. I’ve heard them described as being similar to one of my all-time favorite bands, Mew, and I can see where the comparison comes from.


Tacks, The Boy Disaster – Treasure Hunters


My God, this is mellow. And melancholy. Never heard of these guys before, but this is certainly an interesting track that catches the attention. Pity about the band name, but hey — who am I to talk about band names?


Edit: Track download available for free here:


Paul Draper – Feeling My Heart Run Slow


Well, this is the moment that I reckon I’ve been waiting for for at least 10 years — an early sighting of a Paul Draper solo album (I think that hopes of a proper Mansun reunion is probably just a pipe-dream). This is about as bootleggy as it gets, but since Paul himself has posted it on Facebook, I think that it’s safe to say that this is legit. At first listen, it has a more electronic edge to it than you might expect, and the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Kleptomania-era Mansun material. Regrettably, it seems that Mr. Draper has suffered with personal issues for much of the intervening period, and didn’t feel capable of making music. This is just about the only justification for the disappearance of one of the 90’s great male vocalists. Considering we’ve had decades of cameos and collaborations from the likes of Richard Ashcroft and Thom Yorke, it only seems right that someone like Paul is ready to step forward and reclaim the limelight. I can’t wait.

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